Booster Board

Name Board Positions Phone Number E-mail
Coleen O'Brien President 214-476-8803 E-mail
Melissa Dear Vice President 214-801-8951 E-mail
Nancy Pavelock Ways and Means 214-592-2041 E-mail
Debbie Janssen Secretary 972-802-7036 E-mail
Melodee Frazier Treasurer 972-369-3737 E-mail
Nicki Heussner Uniforms 469-682-9644 E-mail
Rebekah Williams Uniforms Assistant 214-799-9018 E-mail
Jennifer Johnson Equipment Coordinator 972-898-4709 E-mail
Julie Vislosky Volunteers 214-912-6455 E-mail
Paige Dunleavy Volunteers 214-543-4434 E-mail
Joanne Easley Membership 469-964-0808 E-mail
Jennifer Kinnebrew Food Services and Socials 214-403-0523 E-mail
David Smith Historian/Publicity 214-549-9209 E-mail
Melissa Smith Historian/Publicity 214-549-8677 E-mail
  Non-Board Positions    
Becky Ridgeway Sponsor Liaison 919-609-8886 E-mail
Amy Bell Guard Liaison 469-999-1833 E-mail
Kayla Hess Senior Co-Liaison 214-686-1330 E-mail
Debbie Franks Senior Co-Liaison 214-310-7386 E-mail